About Us

What is Hope House?

Hope House is a completely free faith-based recovery home. Our mission is to
bring men and women who are bound by the chains of addiction, out of bondage by introducing them to Jesus Christ. Through bible study, prayer, and discipleship our goal is to equip them with a strong spiritual foundation upon which they can build their lives/ministry.

How Hope House started?

It all started with peanut brittle. The men's ministry started a little before that, but peanut brittle has kept it self-sufficient. My dad donated a building, and I didn't know what to do with it, so I started praying about it. Then I started Wednesday meetings to help men understand how to get off drugs and alcohol. I really intended to get my two helpers off drugs and alcohol, and after about a month, they had cleaned up. Then about two weeks later they came to the meeting high. That’s when we talked about what we could do to continue to help them and decided it would be more effective to provide housing. To have them in a clean environment around the clock. So, we turned the old building into a dormitory of sorts. I knew they wanted to be clean, but they lived in the atmosphere of drugs and fell back into that lifestyle. They have to be separated from that atmosphere. I also knew that it had to be free and that's where the peanut brittle comes in.

--Ed Chapman, Founder

What your purchase supports?

Your support makes an impact on the lives of families that have been ruined by
addiction. Many men and women have used every resource available to them to
the point that they have run out of options and/or support of any kind. Some have had their children removed by Child Protective Services and have little hope of fulfilling the requirements necessary to regain custody. It is only through the generous giving of donors like you that we can see so many families restored and functioning the way God intended. Thank you for helping us restore families for the glory of God!